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Award-Winning Australian Rum & Spirit Drinks

When we say ‘hand-crafted’ we aren't using some marketing jargon.

It may seem mean spirited, but many other craft ‘distilleries’ imply they distil their spirit and are only faking it...

When you read on, you’ll realise the effort and care required to produce premium, award-winning spirits.

It simply hurts to know that our Australian consumers are being tricked!

These cheat ‘brands’ produce spirits from bulk alcohol supplied by mass manufacturers from around the world. Then, ‘flavour’ them before bottling and labelling...

Ask yourself, how can a ‘micro distillery’ with a 600 litre pot (and no fermentation vats) produce 100,000 litres per month? – It makes us a little angry too!

With a 1200 litre still and 3 fermentation vats, we can only produce 3000 bottles per month, and that's a good month.

Codie’s obsession for the last 14 years has been to produce spirits using only high quality Australian ingredients.

We’re very proud of the international acclaim we’ve received so far with ten medals in less than two years.

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We're passionate about producing the best spirits and rum. You simply can't cut corners on quality!

Most other rums are distilled from cheaper, sour and harsher tasting molasses.

So, to make our award-winning smooth, premium Australian rum, we use high quality dark brown cane sugar. So whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift to someone else, take advantage of this 10% off storewide sale while it lasts!

10% Off Storewide!

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